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Geo-Pulse Villa 720

The Geo-Pulse “VILLA 720” is the heartbeat of the large residential and small commercial geothermal system with load requirements of 7.5 to 20 tons. Each unit is designed to meet the specific requirements of your geothermal system and each Geo-Pulse ”VILLA 720” is made with performance and reliability in mind.  The units  are designed specifically to meet the flow rates required for the heat pump or heat pumps it serves  and each unit is factory tested to insure functional integrity. The water storage tank is made out of stainless steel and the manifold is epoxy coated so as to prevent corrosion.  You can rely on the rugged durability and longevity of the Geo-Pulse “VILLA 720”.

Benefits of a non-pressurized system

The Geo-Pulse “VILLA 720” is non-pressurized, so you have the ability to add liquids like anti-freeze or water, without introducing air into your closed loop system. This is easily done by removing the lid and pouring water or antifreeze into the water storage tank. The lid on the Geo-Pulse “VILLA 720” is an auto-venting lid. This lid allows the system to vent trapped air. The ability to vent trapped air from the geothermal lines reduces the number of service calls and emergency weekend call backs.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Each GeoPulse “VILLA 720” is carefully manufactured in the United States, taking great care to provide the end user with the best product that can be installed.  Let the factory do the work so that you can have a simple installation and start up. Two quick and easy connections according to your choice of flanged, grooved, MPT, and FPT connections. Though there is no maintenance required on the Geo-Pulse “VILLA 720”, it is designed to allow the pump or pumps to be isolated for service without introducing air into your closed loop system. There are isolation valves on the suction and discharge sides of the pump or pumps and a check valve on the discharge side. Each Geo-Pulse “VILLA 720” water storage tank is insulated to prevent condensation and unwanted thermal exchange.

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