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Field Erected Bolted Storage Tanks

Field Erected and Assembled:

Superior Coatings

  • Powdered coating is applied in a controlled environment within our factory.
  • All coatings are applied over an SSPC-SP 10 near white blast and thermally cured (Oven Baked). All ASTM coatings are applied in a factory controlled environment and blast is achieved using steel grit.
  • All Factory applied coatings eliminate weather delays and possible environmental problems.
  • If coatings are applied to welded vessels in the field improper environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, can delay the project or the coatings will fail.
  • Flash oxidation will occur in field-applied coatings if they are applied too quickly.

Standardized Panels

  • All parts of a bolted tank are standardized which leads to consistency from one tank to another.
  • With the standardized parts on the bolted tank, the erection time can be easily determined.
  • Pricing is significantly more accurate. This accuracy stays the same no matter where the tank is going. Just add shipping.
  • Bolted tanks can be dismantled, moved to another location and reassembled.

Erection time on average is typically 50% to 75% less than that of welded tanks

  • The reduction of erection time leads to a reduction in costs.
  • The coatings of a welded tank can not be applied until the tanks are welded together making completion time longer.
  • After the tank is welded, there is a dependency on the quality of the local paint contractor assigned to the project.
  • Since we erect our tanks from ground level with a jacking system, any safety risk is greatly reduced.

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