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Prv Test Kits

The NOMAD® was designed by Gerand Engineering Co. to accurately test the GPM flow and pressure produced from 2-1/2″ pressure reducing valves in standpipe systems.

NFPA 14 and NFPA 25 require original and periodic hose valve testing in standpipe systems to insure the installed valves are free from defects and are set correctly to meet the system’s hydraulic demands.


• “IN LINE” testing is provided through a calibrated venturi flowmeter.

• Testing from floor to floor is made easy with this lightweight, accurate device.

• Onsite valve performance or malfunction is immediately apparent.

• Field adjustable valves can be correctly set “IN PLACE” to meet system demands.

• The expense in labor and necessary valve substitution with bench testing is eliminated.

• Building owners immediately know which valves must be replaced and can take corrective action.

• Testing by dispersing the water flow down a drain riser or through fire hoses are options afforded with the NOMAD®.

• Testing the valves will also indicate the adequacy of the water supply, including the fire pump.


The NOMAD® comes complete in carrying case and consists of the following:


• 2-1/2″ Brass swivel with hose inlet X 2-1/2″ NPT attached to elbow.

• 0-400 PSI gauge.

• Aluminum necessary pipe diameter and 2-1/2″ venturi with bracket.

• Grooved coupling for ease of rotating the unit in stairwell.

• Direct reading 0-330 USGPM gauge with hoses and fittings for mounting on venturi.

• 2-1/2″ globe throttle valve with male NST outlet.

• Assembled overall length is 36″ and weight is 31 pounds.

• Durable carrying case.

NOTE: The Nomad® is available in 3″ line size for testing hose valves with higher GPM’s.

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