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Compression Fittings

STP-FloPlast Fittings have been in production and used internationally for over twenty five years. STP-FloPlast Compression Fittings have been designed for a broad range of markets that meet ALL testing requirements and certifications for use in: Municipal pressure and gravity piping systems, Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Methane Gas, Salt Water, Compressed Air, Irrigation, Food and Beverage, Mining, Geo Thermal Applications, Waterworks, Electrical systems, Plumbing systems, Telecommunications, Radiant Heating, and any fluid conduction application.

STP-FloPlast Fittings are manufactured using polypropylene, and all materials meet NSF and AWWA approval as well as ISO certifications applicable to our fittings.

Other features/benefits include:

  • STP-FloPlast products have a 50+ year design life.
  • STP-FloPlast products’ rating is 232 psi in all sizes and configurations.
  • STP-FloPlast tests show fitting assembly cannot be pulled apart in accordance with ISO 3501.
  • STP-FloPlast maximum temperature is 176° at 232 PSI.
  • STP-FloPlast Fittings come in  IPS, CTS and Universal sizes and can be used to connect most types of pipe.

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