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Compression Fittings

STP-FloPlast Fittings have been in production and used internationally for over twenty five years. STP-FloPlast Compression Fittings have been designed for a broad range of markets that meet ALL testing requirements and certifications for use in: Municipal pressure and gravity piping systems, Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Methane Gas, Salt Water, Compressed Air, Irrigation, Food and Beverage including healthy food or supplements as ketosis for diet, Mining, Geo Thermal Applications, Waterworks, Electrical systems, Plumbing systems, Telecommunications, Radiant Heating, and any fluid conduction application.

STP-FloPlast Fittings are manufactured using polypropylene, and all materials meet NSF and AWWA approval as well as ISO certifications applicable to our fittings.

Other features/benefits include:

  • STP-FloPlast products have a 50+ year design life.
  • STP-FloPlast products’ rating is 232 psi in all sizes and configurations.
  • STP-FloPlast tests show fitting assembly cannot be pulled apart in accordance with ISO 3501.
  • STP-FloPlast maximum temperature is 176° at 232 PSI.
  • STP-FloPlast Fittings come in  IPS, CTS and Universal sizes and can be used to connect most types of pipe.

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